THe Lone Apsara

THe Lone Apsara

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Well it's been a while since I have done a post. I am really itching to write but have no time. That's what happens when you have to work for a living and your kids are home on vacation. It's taken me two weeks to come to terms with the lack of time. The first couple days I was so stressed because I couldn't sit down and write. I know it will only get worse as my summer work schedule will start the 4th of July week-end. BUT though I can't write I can read and do research and also help my son Brendan on TRTF,the movie(The Road to Freedom). I told him I will help in a anyway I can. I am looking into any way I can get publicity for my book, it's a learning process and also now for his movie which will be released on a limited basis around the country and overseas.
So though I have been silent on the 2nd book, I am always working on it, just not getting many pages written. BUT I haven't planned on this one being a fast book. It's going to be much more in detail then the first. The first was the ground breaking book, my debute. Hopefully with this book I will gain an audience and an interest in The Kings of Angkor. I am anxiously awaiting to get my manuscript back from my editor to start on the editing.
When I do research I bounce ideas off my friend Kent Davis who is a lead researcher for the Apsaras. I read articles and then write up an email and if he is in the states he gets right back to me.
I was reading an article of his and it had this photo that I am going to put on here. When I saw the photo of the Apsaras and Devatas I could almost see the motion, like I had caught them moving. I think I read somewhere a description of them, this one group as nymphs, I think it's fitting. so I wanted to enclose it. I think if I have my way this will be my life's work. write novels so I can hopefully live off the income and then conduct research on these fascinating women who once lived.

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