THe Lone Apsara

THe Lone Apsara

Monday, May 23, 2011

Learning from the past

It's not easy finding out about a time, it's people the country that is almost 1000 years ago. The only thing left to give me even a hint is the bas reliefs of Angkor Wat and The Bayon. At Angkor Wat you have mythology and wars gracing the bas reliefs. At the Bayon it's everyday life. That's what I am looking for and researching at the moment. Anything that will give me a hint about the everyday, the mundane. I am also doing research on a major battle but in amongst the battles life goes on. Well until all hell breaks loose.
So though I may have already put these photos on I want to explain a difference with them.

The first one is more then likely one of the grand marches that shows the troops as they are going off to war. I am trying to find more information on it.

The second one is of King Suryavarman II being fanned and sitting under umbrellas.

The third that I just posted recently looks like a Queen or Princess blessing people or monks. Since I think it was from the Bayon, it may have been one of Jayavarman's Queens, he had two that reigned with him at the same time. They were very involved with everyday life, taught and were well respected. This one is my pet project at the moment.

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