THe Lone Apsara

THe Lone Apsara

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gods and Goddesses

This second book in the KOA sereis is slower going. I have been doing a lot of research, talking with experts, like Kent Davis who heads up research on the Apsaras at Angkor Wat and also my son Arun in India who is very patient in answering my questions.
Yesterday we had an April fools gift...a snow storm so I stayed home and after numerous hands of UNO and helping my other son with homework I took a brief catnap. That helped me to have a clearer head to do some writing. I played around with the next few pages that I know I will probably delete . It's kinda like a knitting project that you love doing but it's not turning out like you want so you rip out... better to do in the beginning stages then mid way. By then you have too much invested. I am still in the beginning stages of book two so I have room to delete and rip...
The second book starts up right where the first one stopped. I already see where the book is going just how to get it on that path. Also while writing yesterday I had a certain song on my ipod that I let play over and over again. Sometimes songs help. My books always have song or sound tracks. Yesterday I also had my ipod on to drown out my son's XBOX 360 activity.
So as I get updates from my publisher and I have more contact with my editor and or project coordinator I will post here.
So to get to the title of todays post... why Gods and Goddesses? Because I am going deep into the mythology of India and Cambodia for my character's sake. Cambodia and Angkor Wat were Hindu so I want to go deep and understand so I can bring fresh life to my characters. I hope I can.
So back to studying the Ramayana.

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