THe Lone Apsara

THe Lone Apsara

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I am about to get down to some serious writing but wanted to write here for just a moment. Yesterday and Friday I was doing quite a bit of research and then working on the next few scenes of this next book(Book 2) and I was also working on pre-publicity for the first book. I know my publisher will be setting up a book launch in my area and regional signings but I want more then that. So while I plot and write this next book which will be longer and more in depth I am working on publicity and hopes to get the word out. Today my head doesn't spin with overload which is good. Yesterday I had far too many things going on plus while doing research I was also working with my daughter for the first's books publicity in Cambodia where I hope to do a launch and book trailer. More about that later...
Like my son I keep thinking positive and work hard for that prize at the end of the rainbow or is it the pot of gold? For me it's getting my book published and having it well received.
Happy Easter Everyone!

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