THe Lone Apsara

THe Lone Apsara

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The saving of a Queen

Jayavarman walked through the crowd who gathered for the up and coming wedding of the Prince of the Cham. People partied, bells rang. Incense floated to the heavens as did the chants of the monks. Prayers for a fruitful marriage.
Jayavarman walked with a purpose, only one in mind. To get back what belong to him, his wife, his friend, his queen. The woman who had been with him down through the ages and a lowly Prince of the Cham dared to take her... He would not live out the day, that Jayavarman knew for sure.
He stopped an obscure man, no one noticed amongst the well wishers. The Prince must be very sure of himself. Well he hadn't changed much since their last meeting a year ago. Only more cocky.
Jayavarman took in the lay of the palace. He had told Sean he would handle this on his own... he knew though his men would never leave him to himself. As he boldly walked up the steps of the palace he felt a presence behind himself. Turning first to his right,and then to his left he saw what he he had grown accustom to seeing, his men... his men who would follow him to the gates of hell and back.
"I thought I told you this was a private battle Sean..." Smiling at his General.
"Sean kept step with his future King. "And I told you I never listen to orders when they make no sense. We are here to help you get our future queen back and kill that sneaking rat of a prince once and for all..."
Jayavarman smiled as they climbed the final stairs and stood before the doors of the temple. Inside the gongs sounded, the beginning of the ceremony would start.
Jayavarman put his hand on Sean's shoulder, his other hand clasped his dagger. "This could be dangerous you know... we may not all make it..."
Sean smiled at his leader. "You forgot all of us here will later be the ones who save the crown prince... so yes, we will all make it. Also I know something you don't know." He smiled a smile that Jayavarman had known since they were young boys. "And what is that?"
"Another worm hole." Now let's get Indradevi back, get ahold of the prince, kill him and we will get back without anyone even knowing what hit them."
Jayavarman smiled. As his hand got ready to push the door of the temple open a monk came up to them. His look of puzzlement spread as all the men pushed past him. They walked in and all eyes turned on them.
Jayavarman saw only one and that was Indradevi's eyes . She looked up, tears spilling from her eyes then a smile broke over her face.
Jayavarman said just above a whisper. "Let's get our queen back..."

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